Apple of My Pie


One moment, Pops is guiding Little B as to which are the best apples in the market and the next he’s disappeared? Although he’s the local intelligence, it seems that a combination of his specs and then his purpose means he’s less attentive than he should be. Before either he or Little B realises, Pops is whisked off aboard an apple crate bound for Crunchy Acres! It’s there they make pies. Could this squirrel be destined for the conveyor belt and then a pie eating contest?

Alongside such a funny story, with really clearly drawn and differentiated characters, there’s a splendid fluency. it means that we’re drawn along the journey from park to market, road trip to apple factory. Could there be someone, quite unpredictable, who might save the day?

Bookwagon is overjoyed to welcome Apple of My Pie aboard. What a superb addition to the Norma and Belly series, that includes Donut Feed the Squirrels.

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Apple of My Pie

Mika Song

(Pushkin Children’s)

It seems that Pops knows everything that’s happening about the park. He’s the local intelligence for Norma and Belly and the other squirrels, certainly. What’s more, with his specs it seems he’s able to read up about everything, including the local food market. Little B hangs off every word. However what if Pops if after the ‘best in the bunch’ of the apples for sale at the market? Might it be that in his exacting search things go rather topsy turvy for Gramps so that he’s bundled up and crated off to Crunch Acres? Then again, could it be that Gramps is part of the process to become an Apple of My Pie? It seems it’s up to Norma and Belly and their friend, Star, to discover his whereabouts.
Mika Song‘s wonderful Donut Feed the Squirrels introduced us to Norma and Belly, parkside squirrels. It seems we’ve a wider view of their setting and neighbours with Apple of My Pie. What’s more, we’ve another opportunity to realise their ingenuity. Furthermore, we realise the graphic novelist’s deft drawing and storytelling that has us caught up, almost conveyor belt like, in such a clever, delightful story.
Bookwagon is delighted to welcome this graphic novel, ideal for newer readers alongside all graphic novel aficionados. What’s more, we look forward to further books in this dearly loved series


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