Can Tom and Geoff really have discovered a spaceship from the past?  When they master Aquila’s rudimentary flight and invisibility (!) controls, it propels them into a series of very funny mishaps and adventures.  With their suspicious parents and teachers in pursuit, can Tom and Geoff keep ‘Aquila‘ a secret? What does it mean for their hitherto unpromising school prospects?

‘Aquila‘ is a very funny, but deceptively deft and moving story. It won the Whitbread Award for Children’s Books in 1997 and has since become a classic children’s reading selection.

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Andrew Norriss


Rather than sit through double geography, Tom and Geoff go off on an adventure.  While clambering down a rocky slope they discover a skeleton from what appears to be the Roman era.  Then they discover a space ship from the past!  This Whitbread Award winning story is very funny, but also moving as its ells of two boys who find a purpose and inspiration.  ‘Aquila’ is full of laughs, deft plotting and believable characters of course from one of the best children’s authors around.


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