Arctic Star


In the winter of 1943, three young friends from Plymouth, having joined the navy, find themselves as part of the Arctic convoys.  These naval missions were amongst the most hazardous of all.  For one of the friends, Frank, it is however a dream posting – he has always been obsessed with the navy.

This mission will test his resolve and that of his friends.  As the convoy comes under attack in the treacherously icy and stormy waters of the Arctic, they must strain with every sinew to survive.

Tom Palmer’s historical novels are very popular, and with good reason. They are exciting, thoughtful and emotive.  This latest is no exception and is thoroughly recommended as a terrific read.

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Arctic Star

Tom Palmer

(Conkers/Barrington Stoke)

Arctic Star is the latest historical novel from award-winning Tom Palmer.  This time he tells the story of three friends from Plymouth who join up at the same time at the start of World War 2.  Frank, Joseph and Steven are recruited into the navy and find themselves stationed on the HMS Forgetmenot.  For Frank it is the dream posting, he has been obsessed with naval ships all his life.
Reporting for their first mission they discover they are to be part of the Arctic convoy sailing to Russia to deliver supplies to the Soviet allies.  The Arctic Convoys were later described by Winston Churchill as the ‘worse journeys in the world’.  Furthermore, they were among the most hazardous, but they were vital to the war effort.
The friends travel far north into treacherous waters.  Their ship sails through a narrow channel between the Arctic ice pack and German bases on the Norwegian fjord coast.  However, the convoy is attacked from both air and sea, while the crew have to withstand life-threatening cold and storms. Furthermore, Frank’s job is vital, he is a lookout – he must spot any enemy aircraft or shipping.  On duty one night he spots a German reconnaissance aircraft.  The battle is on!  Will all three boys make it home again?
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Tom Palmer’s own website provides loads of great background material on all of his books.  Check it out here


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