Armadillo and Hare

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Armadillo loves cheese sandwiches. He paints pictures of them, admitting that eight paintings are perhaps too many. Hare can present any number of wonderful creatures and items when he plays his tuba. (Armadillo does not permit him to play it indoors.)

‘Armadillo and Hare’ are vastly different, but rub along together. They take picnics, where they meet invisible Stick Insect. They are visited by Elephant, who departs decorated by a window frame. Armadillo and Hare help Jaguar find a friend.

Armadillo and Hare‘ are loyal best friends. They back each other up and tolerate each other on less than friendly, or even, flood prone, days. This is the story of a wonderful friendship. It is a glorious book, highly recommended for readers of all ages.’Armadillo and Hare‘ is an ideal early chapter book for less experienced readers. It is bound to be laughed over, enjoyed, reread and cherished.


Armadillo and Hare

Jeremy Strong, illustrated by Rebecca Bagley

(David Fickling Books)

Armadillo and Hare are very different. Their differences go beyond animal differences. For example Armadillo loves cheese sandwiches and misaligns his cardigan buttons. However, Hare  plays the tuba to an extraordinary effect. In addition, he is restless and energetic. So, how does their friendship work? Furthermore, what happens when a ‘sleek and beautiful’ Jaguar comes to visit. Although Armadillo offers him food, he is not inclined toward any of it. However he does remember he likes the taste of Hare. What can Armadillo do? Might a cheese sandwich (hold the pickle) fill the bill? Thereafter, could Lobster’s dream of a Giant Lobster in the sky prompt memories for Armadillo? Possibly there’s a Giant Stick Insect in the sky, for the two friends would love to be able to actually sight their friend Stick Insect.
This wonderful book reminds me of Bookwagon favourite title Bicycling to the Moon. Like that book there is something nostalgic and gorgeous. The adventures the pair share are rich,  funny and original. Furthermore ‘Armadillo and Hare’ is a wry, magnetic, wonderful story book highly recommended by Bookwagon.

1 review for Armadillo and Hare

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Peter Hazell (age 6)

    My favourite part of Armadillo and Hare is when hare plays his tuba and an old boot comes out! My second favourite part of this book is when there is a flood. Armadillo’s favourite foods are cheese sandwiches.I think this book is very funny and interesting with an easy to follow story.There were many tricky new words in the book.I enjoyed it so much I wanted to carry on reading it until the end of the book.

    • admin

      I love this book and am so happy that you like it too! Thank you for sharing this.

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