Around the World with Friends


Raccoon’s book is exciting and inspiring. In fact, it inspires him to seek thrills and adventure in the big world outside. Thereafter, he heads to Badger for a boat. After all, isn’t that necessary to travel the world?

However, Badger has other ideas. He’s a natural storyteller and would be a wonderful crew mate. Can’t he join Raccoon on this adventure? Then again, it seems that Fox wants to come on board. After all, they’d need food, and he’s a dab hand at whipping up scrambled eggs. However, what about dramas and dangers? Wouldn’t having Bear aboard be useful! He could scare away ‘any jellyfish or sea monsters’.

There are hopes of fish, alongside stories and eggs to watch, but Crow’s above, prepared for dangers. However, what of the hurtling rapids through which Crow guides them, ahead of an inviting sandy bank? Might this be a place to set up a campfire that’s just ripe for scrambled eggs? After this, could there be time for football, followed by a swim? However, what about rain? What will the friends decide to do, thereafter?

Bookwagon loves the broad strokes of the day, which we see changing. Then again, we love the individual characters, their activity, reactions and relationship. We watch and listen. Altogether, Around the World with Friends is a beautiful, moving, inspiring story of friendship, tolerance, hopes and imagination.

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Around the World with Friends

Philip Waechter

(Gecko Press)

Raccoon is inspired by his book. He considers, ‘I’d love to do something like that. Adventure, drama and thrills, crossing the ocean!‘ Thereafter, he prepares to set out to cross the globe. However, won’t he need a boat? Then again, doesn’t Badger have one to lend? However, what if Badger wants to join the adventure? It seems he’s a natural storyteller, an ideal crew mate. Then again, what about Fox who’d be great aboard! He could ‘whip up tasty scrambled eggs along the way‘?  Furthermore, it seems that Bear could join the journey to ‘fight off jellyfish and sea monsters‘, while Crow could be useful as ‘lookout’. It seems readers are about to journey Around the World with Friends.
Philip Waechter delights us with the friends’ A Perfect Wonderful Day. Once again, we’re drawn into the characters, their hopes and aspirations and journey. What will they discover? Then again, how far will they go? Are they properly prepared? Where are they aiming for?
Bookwagon loves Around the World with Friends. The wide scape, dreams and possibilities, alongside the characters’ friendship and understanding, are ripe for relishing. In fact, we suggest this is a superb picture book for reading aloud, sharing at bedtime, knowing well, and gifting.


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