Arsenic for Tea


In their second case, the Wells & Wong Detective Society investigate the murder of Denis Curtis, shady customer, and unwanted guest at Fallingford during Easter. However he’s not the only one staying with Daisy’s family. It seems that Hazel’s circumstances and then her new connections with Daisy, mean she’s welcomed. Then again, Hazel feels rather like a fish out of water. The estate is not the only thing that feels cold. However, Hazel has little time to wallow or try to find her way through the situation, when she and Daisy attend…. a murder.

Arsenic for Tea is a riveting, hold onto your handbag, recommended title for confident readers, the second in the Murder Most Unladylike series. .

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Arsenic for Tea

A Murder Most Unladylike Mystery

Robin Stevens

(Penguin Random House)

Hazel Wong is homesick for Hong Kong. However, she’s in Wallingford home, the stately home of Daisy Wells. The elephant foot umbrella stand, starchy blankets, kippers and peeling wallpaper of Fallingford are rather off-putting. However the  torrential rain and the murder of unwanted guest, Denis Curtis, mean that she is stuck there. Her services are needed however, by Daisy, schoolmate and president of their detective society, Wells & Wong. It seems that Hazel is Vice-President, Secretary, and our narrator, to this claustrophobic mystery, Arsenic for Te‘ in Daisy’s stately home, where all sorts of secrets and silver teaspoons lie waiting to be unearthed.
Robin StevensMurder Most Unladylike series is beloved by readers. In fact, it’s absolutely understandable, for this writer never puts a foot wrong, unlike the murderer….. So Wells & Wong solve the case ahead of Inspector Priestley, again?  Arsenic for Te‘ is beautifully set, well researched, pacy, fulsome reading. Bookwagon recommends this great story to any reader in need of a really good book. What’s more, we’ve a hunch that this detective duo are only just getting started. While one might be wounded, it seems that both need each other and are alert to all clues!


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