Arthur and the Golden Rope


Arthur has always explored the forest and collected seemingly meaningless treasures. The villagers think he’s small, pathetic and meddling. When Fenrir, wolf son of Loki rob his village of fire, he is the only villager left unharmed. His abilities to collect the obscure and wonderful are called to a most demanding test. Arthur is to follow the directions of Thor, Viking God, in order to capture Fenrir, and return fire to the village. Arthur is small and insignificant; is he up to this quest?

Arthur and the Golden Rope‘ is a gripping adventure story. The pictures and text are sharp, clear and meaningful. This is storytelling at its most rewarding and captivating.

Arthur and the Golden Rope‘ is an inspiring, high quality, rooted in Norse mythology story, ripe for reading, sharing and treasuring.


Brownstone’s Mythical Collection

Arthur and the Golden Rope

Joe Todd Stanton

(Flying Eye Books)

This is the tale of Arthur, the unlikeliest of heroes‘. Arthur has followed his own path, listening to Atrix’s stories, adventuring in the forest, learning old Icelandic traditions. When Fenrir robs his village of fire, Arthur is the only one who can help. Can Arthur follow the directions of the Viking god Thor to defeat Fenrir and return fire and life to his hometown? This is a captivating adventure story brilliantly told in graphic novel form.

Award winning title – North Somerset Teachers’ Award.


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