As Brave as a Lion


It doesn’t matter how fast or far you might travel, it seems that your lion is a constant companion. Thereafter, when you lose your voice, it’s your lion who urges it forward. It means you can speak up when you’re shy, or even when you need to apologise. Your lion is there, brave and constant.

However, what about adventures? What about the ‘new slide at the playground- a rocket-fast slide!’ It seems it goes ‘as high as the moon’. Thereafter it’s off to climb it together. Yet the bars feel ‘further and further apart’ and ‘feet wobble and shake’. What’s more, it seems that once atop the slide there’s a feeling that you’re ‘too high up’? What are you to do? Furthermore, it seems as though your lion’s scared too….

Is it possible that you might be As Brave as a Lion, ‘hold lion’s paw‘ that you ‘go down together‘? Then again, might it be ‘Again! Again!’? 

Bookwagon loves Erika Meza’s fresh, expressive, vibrant pictures of As Brave as a Lion, alongside her beautiful, encouraging message. We recommend this lovely picture book as a tale to share, encourage and inspire.

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As Brave as a Lion

Erika Meza

(Walker Books)

There might be times when it’s hard to find ‘my voice‘. It’s at that time that my lion’s beside me, helping ‘me to find my voice’. Then again, that lion’s there at night ‘when the lights are turned off and the world is dark’. This lion’s protective and ‘on my team‘.
Thereafter, what about when it comes to adventures? When there’s the opportunity to ‘go as high as the moon’? Is it that the lion’s there to inspire courage beyond the wobbles and shakes? Or might there be such fear that you might could feel like you’re ‘alone and forgotten until THE END OF TIME’?
Erika Meza puts us into the shoes of her character who suffers the same sorts of anxieties with which we are familiar. However on the big slide, when she’s frozen with fear? Is it possible that she might be As Brave as a Lion? Furthermore, how can she calm her lion’s fears that she might ‘hold- lion’s paw’ so as to ‘go down, together, One… two… THREE!’ 
Bookwagon loves this encouraging picture book. Like Timid, this is a story of finding your feet, your voice, your courage. Yet it’s also about being yourself. Thereafter, Bookwagon recommends As Brave as a Lion as one to inspire, recognise and thereafter, empathise.


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