Asha & the Spirit Bird


Asha lives with her family in a Himalayan foothill village. Money is scarce, so her papa works away from home in the city. When he stops sending his wages home, Asha’s mother is forced to borrow money from a moneylender. He ransacks their home ruthlessly when the loan payment isn’t made.  Asha’s mother talks of leaving and joining distant family in Britain…..

Asha makes a pact with her best friend, Jeevan, to find her father and bring him home. Their journey is hazardous. They face hunger, exhaustion – even tigers and snow leopards. Yet, despite her initial scepticism, Asha comes to believe that the spirit bird of her grandmother – her nanijee – is watching over her.  As Asha and Jeevan embark on their perilous journey, will their luck hold out?

Asha & the Spirit Bird‘ is an entrancing and mystical novel. It is blessed with authentic characters and an unpredictable plot. We recommend this title highly!

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Asha & the Spirit Bird

Jasbinder Bilan

(Chicken House)
Asha and Jeevan take a hazardous journey to find Asha’s father, in ‘Asha & the Spirit Bird’. They encounter tigers, snow leopards and villainous kidnappers. Asha’s grandmother has become a bird. She will watch over Asha and Jeevan. Can this  be true? Asha’s initial scepticism becomes a conviction as she and Jeevan face ever more challenges on their quest.  Where is Asha’s father?


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