Astrid and the Space Cadets!


Once Astrid’s headed off to bed each night, she undergoes a transformation. After midnight, she’s revealed as a Space Cadet. What’s more, in Astrid and the Space Cadets! Attack of the Snailiens! we join her on a mission.

It seems the Chief has a special task that might result in the crew winning galaxy stars if they complete it to their best abilities. However, cleaning all the piles of junk about the Milky Way Galaxy is a tough mission. Crikey! Although Professor Quackers considers that he’s just the machine amongst his inventions, there’s little time to refine it because they receive an emergency call.

Flora Mulch’s glorious garden is being overtaken by giant snailiens. Far from being cute, they’re massive munchers and seemingly impossible to distract. Could this be the time for Professor Quackers to trial his Shrink Blaster 10, 000 ™️? However, what if there’s an opposite effect? What if these snailiens become…. GINORMOUS? What’s more, this is the day that Flora’s due at the Interplanetary Country Fair with her Astrospuds!

Bookwagon loves the original, quirky, laugh-out-loud imaginative story alongside the riotous illustrations. We are overjoyed to welcome Astrid and the Space Cadets! Attack of the Snailiens! aboard.

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Astrid and the Space Cadets!
Attack of the Snailiens!

Alex T. Smith

(Pan Macmillan)

Astrid and the Space Cadets! Attack of the Snailiens! What would Astrid’s parents do if they were to discover that after midnight, Astrid’s blasting off ‘to be briefed by the Chief‘? It seems there’s a nightly special mission that requires Astrid’s attention. Thereafter, in full cadet get up alongside other members of the crew, Astrid’s about to head into the Milky Way. There, they’re charged with cleaning up the rubbish that’s gathered . In fact, they’re to make it ‘spick and span and neat and clean‘.
However, while the crew are preparing to tackle all the ‘piles of -junk’ wafting outside their spaceship, they receive an urgent call for help. Can  they help Flora Mulch save her plants? It’s the day of the ‘Interplanetary Country Fair‘ and her ‘Astro Spuds are in the Oversized Galactic Vegetable Competition‘. However, it seems huge alien snails are chomping through Flora’s garden? What are Astrid’s best ideas? Then again, what about Professor Quackers’ Shrink Blaster 10,000™️?
Bookwagon loves Alex T. Smith’s books and we’re overjoyed to welcome the first of a new series. Like Mr Penguin and the Lost Treasure and any of his beloved Claude series, this is a delight! The jokes are crackers, the story imaginative, daft and hugely enjoyable, and the illustrations quite spectacular. Bookwagon welcomes Astrid and the Space Cadets! Attack of the Snailiens! aboard.


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