Atlas of Record Breaking Adventures


The Atlas of Record-Breaking Adventures brings together some of the world’s most spectacular sights and extraordinary events.  This is a stunningly illustrated guide, a fascinating mix of travelogue and atlas. Take a journey around the globe, visiting every continent and discover record-breaking events, features, flora and fauna. This is a whirlwind tour around the world, stopping off to marvel at natural and human phenomena.

From the highest waterfall to the deepest underground city, the largest primate to the smelliest flower, this is an amazing adventure.  Find out about the hottest place on Earth in Ethiopia, the world’s largest cave in Vietnam, or ride the longest railway across Russia.

There are more than 30 scenes to explore and hundreds of things to spot, making for a great activity book as well. Stuffed full of facts about our astonishing planet, this is an indispensable guide and a lovely gift book.
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Atlas of Record Breaking Adventures

Emily Hawkins, illustrated by Lucy Leatherland

(Wide Eyed) – hardback

This excellent blend of record breaking phenomena and world atlas would be well at home in any child’s library.  The illustrations by Lucy Leatherland and witty text by Emily Hawkins work so well together.

Readers journey around the globe to experience wonders, both natural and human-built.  Find out about the largest known underground dwelling of prairies dogs (400 million!), the biggest and deepest caves and the lake where there are lightning storms all year round.  How about discovering the world’s fattest parrot, or the island only inhabited by deadly snakes?  There are many more amazing sights and experiences to behold.

Curious readers might also wish to check out the Amazing World Atlas, or dive into a whirlpool of facts in the Lists for Curious Kids.  Both are available in Bookwagon’s on line store.


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