Attack of the Woolly Jumper: A Roman Garstang Adventure


Grandma has come to stay for the royal visit by Princess Lucy to launch her new badger charity, ‘Badges for Badgers’. But she has knitted Roman the crummiest jumper that he’s forced to wear to school. Meanwhile the school is in a fundraising frenzy, led by the loathsome fame-crazy Rosie Taylor. She is convinced that organising a charity fashion show is bound to win her favour with the princess.

As Roman gets caught up in a series of mishaps involving a swan attack and odious smells, can he keep his whole life from unravelling? ‘Attack of the Woolly Jumper’ is the second in the side-splitting Roman Garstang Disaster series.


Attack of the Woolly Jumper: A Roman Garstang Adventure

Mark Lowery

(Piccadilly Press)

Welcome back, Roman Garstang, whose calamitous life just gets more and more bizarre!  In ‘Attack of the Woolly Jumper‘, badgers, a royal Princess and….a very smelly jumper plague our hero. Borderline psychotic pal, Gamble ,and the loathsome Katie Taylor join Roman as lurches from one crisis to another.  Young Bookwagon readers have greatly enjoyed The Jam Doughnut That Ruined My Life. We suggest they will love this, too!


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