Avocado Baby


It appears that the new baby will be the same as his parents and siblings- a weakling, destined for ignominy. However, a chance avocado pear lying in a bowl on the dining room table is seized upon in an effort to inspire baby Hargraves to eat. The response and the results are more than his family or readers can believe! Meet super Avocado Baby!

John Burningham is an inspired picture book maker for younger children, and this is one of his best, and one of our favourites. We recommend it to all younger readers and their families.


Avocado Baby

John Burningham

(Red Fox)

The Hargraves’ family hope the new baby will not be as weak as they are. However, the signs aren’t good for the baby rejects all the food offered to it, until, in desperation, Mrs Hargraves cuts and mashes an avocado pear….. ‘Avocado Baby’ is ripe for enjoyment by all ages, from the very young, to their readers.


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