Aziza’s Secret Fairy Door and the Mermaid’s Treasure


Aziza’s Secret Fairy Door and the Mermaid’s Treasure is the fourth title in a thoroughly enjoyable series for readers growing in confidence.

While Aziza and her brother and father are excited about a summer camping holiday, Aziza’s mother is unhappy at the weather. Isn’t summer supposed to be sunny? It’s certainly sunny in Shimmerton, as Aziza discovers when she goes through the secret fairy door and returns anew. It seems everybody is on the beach, enjoying the weather, even the Gigglers, though they’re up to mischief, as ever!

In fact, their mischief creates a big problem, for their enormous sandcastle has dug up a sleeping shell-walker. It seems that once above the sand, this creature creates eruptions that draws everything to its body, from deckchairs to beach balls, ice lollies to picnic blankets! What’s more, as it moves, it grows and causes huge tremors! What can be done?

Aziza’s friends, Peri and Tiko, introduce Aziza to a new friend, Sirena. Much to Aziza’s wonderment, Sirena is a mermaid. What’s more, aside from being a champion stone skimmer, she is full of stories of great adventures. In fact she seems to know a lot! Is it possible that her story of ‘ a magical conch shell somewhere that plays a special song that will help you solve any problem‘ might be the ticket? Then again, where is this shell? Might Aziza have to face her fear of swimming? It seems this comes with a bonus, for Sirena’s able to use mermaid magic to transform Aziza’s legs into…. a mermaid tail! Thereafter, the four friends are off on a hunt for the magical shell. They have to hurry for the shell-walker threatens to grow and overwhelm Shimmerton!

There are puzzles to solve, fears to face and friendships to forge through this adventure story. Bookwagon welcomes Aziza’s Secret Fairy Door and the Mermaid’s Treasure. 

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Aziza’s Secret Fairy Door and the Mermaid’s Treasure

Lola Morayo, illustrated by Cory Reid

(Pan Macmillan)

While Aziza, Otis and Dad are looking forward to a camping holiday, Mum’s not keen. Although it’s summer time, the family will be tenting in the rain. However, it seems that before the family depart, Aziza has another visit to Shimmerton to fit in!
Shimmerton is in full summer celebration mood! It reminds Aziza of Carnival despite the fact the Gigglers are present, making trouble. Then again, it seems that Peri and Tiko have a new friend who they want Aziza to meet. Aziza can hardly believe it, for Sirena is a mermaid. Not only that, but she’s full of adventures and ideas! Therefore, when the Gigglers unleash a sleeping shell-walker, it’s to Sirena they turn for advice. After all, doesn’t she say that she knows how to return this creature back to its lair? It seems that unrestrained, the shell-walker will attract everything about itself, from ice lollies to deckchairs. Thereafter it will grow…. an undiminished shell-walker threatens Shimmerton!
Is it possible that Aziza might have a little mermaid magic that she can experience swimming beneath the waves? Then again, is it possible that she can summon up the answer to a puzzle and be a special cog in the wheel to find a magical conch shell? It seems this is the only way to restrain and return the shell-walker! Will this Mermaid’s Treasure work to return order and calm to Shimmerton?
Bookwagon loves this series, and is delighted to welcome Mermaid’s Treasure, a new title from the Aziza’s Secret Fairy Door series, aboard. This title follows, Aziza’s Secret Fairy Door and the Birthday Present Disaster


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