Azzi in Between


This is Sarah Garland’s finest hour. In ‘Azzi in Between’ she imagines a child’s experience of coping in a home torn apart by war, and a resulting transition to an alien, harsh environment. She demonstrates, through quavering line, watery colours and stealthy text, the fear, separation and loss of refugees to Britain, and the feelings of complete alienation and demoralisation. Yet, all the way through, Azzi, her family, and the reader, are sustained by hope, unity, warmth and the promise of new beginnings.

‘Azzi in Between’ is a courageous, humbling and stirring story that deserves to be read and appreciated by all readers.


Azzi in Between

Sarah Garland

(Frances Lincoln)

‘Azzi in Between’ is an essential book for every home and every classroom. It introduces the refugee crisis to readers in an unflinching, warm and empathetic way.


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