B is for Baby


It seems we’re about to take a journey but does anyone else know? B is for Baby has found the Basket with the Bananas that Brother is about to Bicyle to Baba. It’s a very Bumpy road, yet so beautiful. Our journey is peppered by Baboons, Butterflies and Birds!

Atinuke offers a direct, inclusive text, using an alphabet to create Baby’s story. We are engaged through the secret of the Baby hiding in the Basket. Furthermore, Angela Brooksbank’s lush, painterly pictures and skilled framing opens up the story. We move from a single baby, to the breadth and wonder of an African valley.

Yet what will Baba and Brother do when they open the Basket? We’re waiting….  What a Beautiful, Banana- rich, Baby-laughing picture book!

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B is for Baby

Atinuke, illustrated by Angela Brooksbank

(Walker Books)

B is for Baby yet it seems that B stands for something more. For what is Baby up to today? Could it be that Baby might play with the Beads and look in the Basket? Maybe Baby could find Bananas in the Basket. After that, it might be that Brother arrives to collect the Basket to carry along a Bumpy route on his Bicycle. Does he see Baby?
It’s such a big journey! What do Baby and Brother see along the route? Angela Brooksbank paints a glorious landscape of butterflies, birds, baboons and baobab trees. We feel the bumpy road and the heat of the plain and the wonder of the silent siblings.
While we’re complicit in the secret surprise held in the Basket, we enjoy the journey, but even more the arrival! What will Baba do when he opens his Basket of Bananas and finds…. We know we’re in skilled hands when Atinuke is telling the story. She uses the guise of an alphabet to lure us into a tale of wonder and surprise, rather like Viviane Schwarz’s Counting With Tiny CatB is for Baby is a refreshing, warm, nurturing delight. Bookwagon recommends this beautiful picture book to its youngest readers.


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