Baabwaa & Wooliam


Baabwaa and Wooliam’s life of knitting and reading may sound boring, but they are happy. Adventure lies in books, until the day that they decide to create a little themselves. Walking around the field behind their home three times can build an appetite, which meeting a ‘wolf in sheep’s clothing’ can diminish. When the wolf becomes an unexpected project for Baabwaa and Wooliam’, adventure, not to mention panic cardio-vascular exercise, is guaranteed!’

This is a witty, caring, thoughtful picture book. The text is direct and intelligent, while the sneaky, Jon Klassen style images by Melissa Sweet, are delightful. We love ‘Baabwaa & Wooliam‘. We recommend it to readers of all ages.


Baabwaa & Wooliam

David Elliott and Melissa Sweet

(Walker Books)

Baabwaa and Wooliam live a contented life of knitting and reading. What happens when they go over the wall and ‘seek and adventure of their own’? Might the ‘Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing’ have something more to offer than adventure? What could they offer him (aside from lessons in teeth cleaning?) This is a charming, funny, thoughtful picture book that leaves a satisfying feeling.


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