Baby, Sleepy Baby


Baby, Sleepy Baby, for what are you wished? Might it be that as you sleep, you ‘sail like a ship through the sky’? Then again, might it be that clouds are called upon so that you are cuddled closely, warm in the love of your family? Thereafter, might you be wished stars that ‘dance right into your room’?

There is such a feeling of a closing, an end of day, an acknowledgment of the joy and love shared for a baby by its family as baby prepares for sleep. Therefore, Atinuke’s words are shot to the moon and beyond. It’s as though she’s seizing a moment of pure joy and hope and scattering it into a lullaby chant.

Angela Brooksbank’s illustrations are rich in colour, texture, scope and delight. We linger through them, loving the bonds and happiness depicted.

Bookwagon loves Baby, Sleepy Baby. We recommend this beautiful picture book for reading aloud to our very youngest readers, chanting, knowing, singing and gifting. It is an exceptionally wonderful book.

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Baby, Sleepy Baby

Atinuke, illustrated by Angela Brooksbank

(Walker Books)

What magic do you wish for Baby, Sleepy Baby? Might it be to ‘call on the winds‘ that they ‘sail like a ship through the sky’? Perhaps it could be to ‘gather the clouds‘ that baby’s cuddled ‘cosy and close’?
Atinuke spins such words of love and wonder that this beautiful lullaby- like book is star sprinkled. It seems that these wishes are more than wishes, more intentions. Then again, this acclaimed writer is joined by Angela Brooksbank, with whom she ha collaborated on picture books including B is for Baby. This means that the loving wishes are almost tangible, so that as we gaze upon the cuddled and close adult and baby, we gaze upon infinite, textured skies. What’s more, we realise the closeness and bond between adult and baby.
Might the wishes for the baby include singing ‘down the stars’ that they might ‘dance right into [their] room’? Can you imagine the joy, the glory? We watch the baby’s face alight with contentment, acknowledging the starlit love and hopes in which they are bathed.
Bookwagon recommends Baby, Sleepy Baby as a picture book to choose to read, recite, chant and know. What’s more, this is an ideal book upon which to start a reading foundation, and also to gift.


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