Bad Cat!


Fluffykins is not a Bad Cat! She would never deliberately knock over a vase of flowers or unravel a basket of knitting! Surely, should she do such things, she’d not walk off unapologetically? Thereafter, she’d not defy the rules further!  She’d never sit on the laptop or scratch the arm chair, unravel the loo roll or skew the Venetian blinds! There could be nothing more, could there? Nothing that drove somebody to say, ‘Out… out… out!’ 

The storytelling in Bad Cat! is rich, humorous and skilfully shown in bright, defiant, coloured progressive pictures. This is such a gorgeous picture book. It invites readers of all ages to ‘have a good think‘ about  Fluffykins’ actions…

We love Bad Cat! for its beautiful illustrative skill, quality of presentation and tender, funny storytelling.

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Bad Cat!

Nicola O’Byrne

(Nosy Crow)

Bad Cat! is little Fluffykins. How is little Fluffykins today? Surely little Flufflykins would not ‘sit too close’ to the flowers’. It seems like little Fluffiykins might like the flowers rather too much! Furthermore, neither is Fluffykins behaving nicely nor apologising for her actions. What do you think she’ll do when she’s advised, ‘I think you need to say sorry….’
Fluffykins would never ‘dare touch‘ the knitting- surely? She’d never go near the laptop or the armchair, would she? There could be no further bad behaviour after this? It seems like she’s behaving really defiantly! What can be done?
Bookwagon is overjoyed to welcome a new title by award-winning picture book maker Nicola O’Byrne. Like cat maestra Viviane Schwarz of Animals with Tiny Cat, Nicola O’Byrne has captured the sheer malevolence and unpredictably of cats perfectly. However, the appeal is evident too, alongside the humour. While Bad Cat! is a picture book in which younger children will delight, older readers will recognise and enjoy the skilful storytelling, too.


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