Bad Nana All the Fun of the Fair


Jeanie is over the moon! It’s the town fair. Her dressing up costume is planned. She doesn’t think much of her little brother’s costume. Jeanie’s not overly fussed on Dad’s entry in the cake competition either. Coffee and walnut cake? Who would award that a first place? Jeanie’s cheering on Marcy’s Peanut in the pet show, and Wilf’s mini garden! They’re shoe-ins for prizes, aren’t they?

Unfortunately, the Head Judge of the town fair is Mrs Farquar-Haha. Jeanie’s nana, aka Bad Nana, has issues with Mrs Farquar- Haha. Jeanie has a lot of issues with Georgina, granddaughter to Mrs Farquar-Haha. Surely Mrs Farquar- Haha will be a fair judge and play by the rules? Won’t she? She will if Bad Nana has anything to do with it!

Bad Nana All the Fun of the Fair‘ is a riotous sequel to Bad Nana Older Not Wiser. Jeanie’s voice and thoughts are loud and clear. We enjoy her mischief, her opinions, observations,  originality, loyalty, mischief, near downfall and admiration of Bad Nana.

Sophy Henn has created a truly lovable, fun group in Jeanie and Bad Nana, and company. I am delighted to welcome ‘Bad Nana All the Fun of the Fair‘ to the Bookwagon shelf. We recommend this title and the series, highly.


Bad Nana All the Fun of the Fair

Sophy Henn

(Harper Collins)– hardback

Isn’t it wonderful when you read a book and you can ‘hear’ the character? We know that Jeanie is a ‘chip off the old block’ that is Bad Nana. We met her Nana first in Bad Nana Older Not Wiser. Jeanie is proud of Bad Nana’s daring. ‘Bad Nana always likes to have fun. She always has a whoopee cushion in her handbag.’ Bad Nana stands up for the truth.
She stands up to Mrs Farquar-Ha Ha. ‘Bad Nana All the Fun of the Fair’ sees Nana at her best (worst). What happens when Mrs Farquar-Haha, head judge at the town fair, demonstrates her full horrible-ness? It means unfair results for the competitions. It leads to prizes galore for her granddaughter, Georgina. Yet Mrs Farquar-Haha hasn’t reckoned on Bad Nana….


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