Bad Nana Older Not Wiser


Bad Nana‘ lives at 66 Broadbottom Road. Jeanie and her annoying little brother are there a lot. After school, before school and even Saturdays, ‘but not Sundays, for Pete’s sake.’ ‘Bad Nana‘ is an ‘up-to-no-good, embarrassing and cheeky’ grandmother. It’s obvious that Jeanie loves her. Yet, when Bad Nana signs up to help at Jeanie’s school, and thereafter is a helper on the class trip to the local history museum, Jeanie is not very happy at all. As it happens, Bad Nana isn’t very happy about the outing either. What unfolds is the stuff of riotous farce.

Bad Nana‘ is one of the best creations I’ve read in a while. I love Jeanie’s voice, from describing why her little brother is annoying, to reasoning through the feud with Georgina Farquar-Haha. The separate chapters and bold black images within pink and grey backgrounds are arresting and tempting. Sophy Henn has created a quite lemon-sherbet scented, magnificent title for newer readers which we absolutely love and recommend!

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Bad Nana

Older Not Wiser

Sophy Henn

(Harper Collins)- hardback

Jeanie has three grandmothers, but only one ‘Bad Nana‘. This is our introduction to her. By the end of the story, you’ll be wishing for a ‘Bad Nana’ too. This is an outstanding story for newer readers, witty, clever, confident and imaginative.


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