Bad Nana: That’s Snow Business


Jeanie is 7 3/4 still, and little brother Jack remains in the family, despite her protests. Her best friends are Marcy and Wilf and Sukey, although Sukey ‘moved houses to one that’s miles and MILES away‘. ‘Eight minutes and thirty-six seconds away, if you get a wiggle on‘ lives Jeanie’s Bad Nana. Bad Nana isn’t really bad, but she makes life more fun, more exciting. Jeanie loves it like this.

‘Bad Nana: That’s Snow Business’ is our third encounter with Jeanie’s family and friends. This time they’re preparing for the town’s Winter Wonderland Variety Show. Jeanie, Marcy and Wilf have prepared a song and dance routine under Bad Nana’s guidance. Bad Nana had a life in show business once upon a time as her trunk of sequins attests. Will she perform? Certainly when the town star Bobby Truelove returns, it seems that stardust saturates Bad Nana! Suddenly even Jeanie’s troupe’s performance is at risk of being sabotaged by the town’s two stars!  Can Jeanie rectify the situation? Could Jeanie think a little like Bad Nana would normally, to arrive at a cunning plan that ensures the show can go on?

Bookwagon loves Sophy Henn’s early chapter book series, which is full of wit, character, ingenuity and fun. We are delighted to welcome ‘Bad Nana That’s Snow Business’ aboard!


Bad Nana: That’s Snow Business

Sophy Henn

(Harper Collins)– hardback

Bad Nana: That’s Snow Business‘, it’s the Winter Wonderland Variety Show! Jeanie and Wilf and Marcy know they COMPLETELY HAVE TO audition, but what and how? Thankfully, Bad Nana has a ‘trunk of shiny sequinny clothes’ from ‘when she worked in show business‘. It seems like there’s very little that Bad Nana hasn’t done in life, from being a member of the SAS, to flying jet aeroplanes! Wilf, Marcy and Jeanie, and Jack too (unfortunately), prepare a song and dance routine for the Winter Wonderland Variety Show. Who else is participating and what are they showing? It seems like Jeanie’s town is a veritable talent hub! There’s tap dancing, a hula hoop dance troupe, ventriloquism, bird whistling, a one-person Shakespearean recital and a nasal recorder performance! Furthermore there’s Bad Nana herself, not to mention the town’s ‘closest thing to a famous person‘, Bobby Truelove. Will the actual show run to plan? Mrs Valentine has a loud hailer, the snow’s at bay, so what could possibly go wrong?
‘Bad Nana: That’s Snow Business‘ is the third title in a really approachable, enjoyable, funny series that began with Bad Nana Older Not Wiser. We appreciate Jeanie (7 3/4 still), with an annoying little brother, whom Mum and Dad say they have to keep. Furthermore, we realise her utter fascination with Bad Nana, because we feel it too. What is Bad Nana up to in this instalment? Will she make the event even more sparkling and wonderful than rehearsals suggest, or might the lure of the spotlights prove too much?


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