Banana Hunt


Bernardo’s arrived to play but Auntie Dot insists on a game that’s not scary, but safe, with something to spot. She rules out ‘parrots or bees. Or spiders or lizards, or beetles or trees…‘ Thereafter, Bernardo alights upon a Banana Hunt! It’s perfect!

He sets about with a ‘HUGE bunch‘ which he hides about the bay, upon a turtle, under a log, up trees, under a rock and even in a sock on a washing line. At this point it’s time for the hunt! Auntie Dot hunts far and wide and looks high and low. However there are so many bananas and Bernardo’s not exactly certain how many he’s hidden. Except could it be that with such a ‘HUGE bunch‘ and with such a wide range of hiding places, Auntie Dot and Bernardo are set up for a fall? Furthermore, what if their exhausted journey home is blocked by somebody ‘big and scary’?

Bookwagon loves the fun, friendship and adventure that is told and shown so brilliantly in Banana Hunt. What colours, movement and dynamic rhyme! What a great story to read together, search anew alone and then return to often!

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Banana Hunt

Suzy Senior, illustrated by Josh Cleland

(Templar Books)

Bernardo’s come round to play. It seems Auntie Dot isn’t keen on his first idea for a game. Thereafter, he arrives at a Banana Hunt. What can possibly go wrong? After all, Auntie Dot wants something safe, so nothing without ‘parrots or bees. Or spiders or lizards, or beetles or trees…
Thereafter, Bernardo’s quick to pick a huge bunch of bananas which he hides within trees and ‘under a rock‘. Then they’re ‘on a washing line, tucked in a sock‘. In fact he travels further and creatively, including on the shore, and even, aboard a turtle! However what if he’s hidden so many bananas that he’s not quite sure how many remain after Aunty Dot’s hunt?
Suzy Senior‘s books include The Hotel for Bugs, which Bookwagon readers love! Again, with Banana Hunt, we’ve wild rhyming, great imagination and such a riotous story. The chase and adventure are shown so brilliantly through Josh Cleland’s swept, tropical, urgent and animated pictures. This means that as Auntie Dot and Bernardo head all over the island unearthing bunches, we feel their hopeful energy, accidents and resultant exhaustion. However we’re really drawn in when they find someone blocking their path! Somebody ‘big’ and ‘scary’ who’s ‘lurking right there’! What can Bernardo suggest now?


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