Barb the Brave


The Berzerkers label Barb a ‘pipsqueak’ despite her determination to step up and fight. However, when they are tricked by a Witch Head in disguise, it seems they need Barb the Brave. What’s more, Barb has managed to snatch Witch Head’s target, the enchanted Shadow Blade, which gifts her the power against foes.

Mind you, Barb has a huge quest. She’s been tasked with finding the Northern Berzerkers, whose help is needed to overcome Witch Head and his evil crew. What’s more, she’s on her own, until she encounters Pork Chop. Will this sausage chomping Yeti prove a loyal ally to our little battler? Then again, might his huge appetite cause problems with razzleberry farmers?

Thereafter, what might Barb find should she reach the home of the Northern Berzerkers? Might she have been outsmarted? It seems that the Shadow Blade could reveal secrets that matter to Barb. Yet at this graphic novel’s heart is a heroine who cannot tolerate bullies and will always help out, even if it’s a monster.

Bookwagon loves and recommends Barb the Brave. This heroine is mighty, kind, brave and ingenious. What’s more, the storytelling and graphics are outstanding!

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Barb the Brave

The Girl. The Sword. The Legend.

Dan Abdo & Jason Patterson

(Simon & Schuster)

Barb the Brave is not supposed to be able to take the Shadow Blade from Witch Head. After all she is ‘the pipsqueak’ of the Berzerkers. What’s more, she’s been banned from fighting in all previous battles. However, now the future of Bailiwick depends on her. It means she has a quest to find the Northern Zerks and get help. Yet what can one small Berzerker do in the big world with only Porkchop for company?
Rather like Georgia and the Edge of the World, Barb’s a heroine of huge determination and strength. What’s more, she does not tolerate bullies. It means that when Porkchop’s gluttony becomes too much (especially around sausages), there’s a price to pay. Furthermore, this Berzerker is ingenious! She can sniff out trouble at a pace. Yet what happens when she arrives at the stronghold of the Northern Berzerkers. Then again, what tricks are up the caped sleeves of Witch Head and his ilk? It seems there are secrets within the sword, including one close to Barb’s heart.
Dan & Jason are noted US animators. Their breadth of experience and understanding of the need to appeal is shown in this graphic novel. It seems that upon each step of Barb’s travels, we’re willing her own, to reunite with her connections, use her ‘Power’  and defeat her foes. Bookwagon loves Barb the Brave. What’s more, we look forward to further adventures!


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