Barbara Throws a Wobbler


Barbara has been in ‘huffs, grumps, upsets and strops’ before. However, this is different. This is brooding and growing so much, that she’s denying invitations to play. It builds to such gigantic proportions that Barbara Throws a Wobbler.

This Wobbler is SO big that it hovers in the air like an ‘angry jelly’. What’s more like Barbara, it doesn’t want to talk or to have a cuddle. It seems Barbara and the Wobbler don’t even ‘want any of Small Bob’s ice cream’! The Wobbler grows so big that ‘it is the only thing that Barbara can‘ see or feel. So how can Barbara make her Wobbler go away? After all, she made her….

Barbara Throws a Wobbler is urgent, funny and recognisable. We feel Barbara’s frustration and understand how she’s wrapped herself into such a state. We love this story and love Barbara; her denouement is tremendous and so empathetic. Nadia Shireen creates the sort of picture books you long to share and treasure. Welcome aboard Barbara Throws a Wobbler. 

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Barbara Throws a Wobbler

Nadia Shireen


It seems that Barbara is in a bad mood, though she says she is not. However from finding a strange pea at lunch time, to standing on a crack, despite trying very hard not to, things have gone from bad to worse. It’s built up so that even though her friends are ‘frolicking in the park’ and Otto asks her to ‘come and play’, Barbara has other things on her mind.
Unfortunately, there are so many ‘huffs, grumps, upsets and strops’ that Barbara feels ‘like a hundred bad moods wrapped dup in one’. That’s when Barbara Throws a Wobbler. What’s more that Wobbler is so huge that it is ‘actually THERE‘. It looms and lingers and hovers like a ‘gloopy jelly’. 
It means that Barbara doesn’t want a chat or a cuddle- and neither does the Wobbler. Then again, it doesn’t want ice-cream, and neither does Barbara. Yet when it starts to grow and grow and grow so that it’s the only thing Barbara can see, something must be done? How can Barbara un-make her Wobbler?
Nadia Shireen’s picture books are amongst Bookwagon‘s favourites, from The Bumblebear to Billy and the Beast. It seems that she can get inside the heads and hearts of her readers and then tickle us a bit. Her pictures are bold, aware and urgent and we are drawn to them. Barbara Throws a Wobbler is funny, imaginative and recognisable to readers of all ages. Bookwagon recommends it highly!


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