Bathtime for Little Rabbit


It’s ‘Bathtime for Little Rabbit’. Can you call him? Pour his shampoo? Swoosh it into bubbles? Careful… you don’t want shampoo in his eyes! Blow away the bubbles please!

‘Bathtime for Little Rabbit’ is an engaging early story that works with its young readers’ interaction. Little Rabbit needs the reader’s help for his bath, so lots of action is necessary!

Jörg Mühle has created such a lovely little character in Little Rabbit, while the directions are so enticing that participation is automatic! Welcome to ‘Bathtime for Little Rabbit’. 


Bathtime for Little Rabbit

Jörg Mühle

(Gecko Press)- hardback

It’s ‘Bathtime for Little Rabbit’. Can you help out? Maybe you could call him to his bath. Perhaps, you could pour the shampoo? Little Rabbit will need rubbing dry after he has had his bath. Can you help? ‘Bathtime for Little Rabbit‘ is a tongue-in-cheek, loving, participatory board book for our youngest readers. It’s irresistible!


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