Battle of the Beetles


Darkus’ last outing with Lucretia Cutter devastated him. When he learned the truth about Novak, her daughter, he was overwhelmed by the sheer villainy of her ambitions. However in Beetle of the Beetles, the final outing it seems that Darkus, and his friends Bertolt and Virginia must join forces to take Lucretia down and rescue Novak. What’s more, somehow, Darkus’ father is implicated in Lucretia’s plans. How can he be connected to her ambition to overwhelm the planet with Frankenstein beetles?

The friends must locate Lucretia’s biome deep in the Amazonian rainforest. However that in itself is a tall order. Then again, they’re dealing with an arch manipulator, somebody without sympathy or conscience and a planet in need of both. Are Darkus, Bertolt and Virginia up to this? Then again might they be joined by legions of small and big friends ready to support them on their environmental quest?

Bookwagon is stirred and shaken by Battle of the Beetles, this splendid, chilling, blood-thirsty conclusion to the Beetle novels of M.G. Leonard. It is not for the faint- hearted! However this series, this title, is resolute, ambitious, courageous and sound. We recommend it highly to our mature middle grade readers.

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Battle of the Beetles

M.G. Leonard

(Chicken House)

Deep in the Amazon rainforest is the secret biome hidden by arch-villainess Lucretia Cutter. It seems nothing can get in the way of her evil plans, including her daughter Novak. In fact Darkus learned a devastating fact about his would-be friend when we last visited, that catapulted him into despair. However, we’ve returned, with Darkus and his friends, Bertolt and Virginia determined to join him in rescuing Novak and deterring Lucretia. It seems that this ruthless villainess has connections, a lack of conscience, wiles and Darkus’ father. Is it possible that Bartie is in league with Lucretia?
Battle of the Beetles is the breathtaking conclusion to an outstanding series by M.G. Leonard. Not only are we gripped in our reading seats, but primed to learn about and have empathy for the beetle community. Furthermore, it seems this community includes Frankenstein beetles destined to overwhelm the planet. Although Darkus struggles with his confidence and setbacks from his last outing, he is strengthened by the support of his friends, family and the ecological community. Then again, it seems life itself depends on his determination and kindness. What’s more, Lucretia is set on winning at any cost. Therefore Darkus has no time for reflection or uncertainty…. the planet depends upon him!
Bookwagon recommends the series, including this final title, Battle of the Beetles, to curious, strong readers. It seems that we can sense the writer’s purpose and power. What’s more, her own research has led her to becoming a coleoptera specialist, as evidenced in her picture book, Rex The Rhinoceros Beetle



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