Be More Bernard


Bernard would ‘Be More Bernard’ if he dared. Rabbits are supposed to look the same, dream of the same things and act the same. What happens if you don’t dream of carrots and have had your fill of lettuce? What if you want to break free?

Bernard hops and jumps at all the right times, though he longs to disrupt the rhythm. Could he start small in his singular rebellion? What might happen if he takes risks; risks that grow to a full blown rebellion at Bertie and Brenda’s Annual Bunny Ball?

Simon Philip’s amusing, perfectly paced, meaningful tale is so engaging. His message is clear and identifiable- ‘Be More Bernard‘/ be yourself! Find your own rhythm, dance to your own tune, have your own dreams! Kate Hindley’s pictures are empathetic, warm and diverting. I love the movement, the colour and growing spectacle!

‘Be More Bernard’ is a gorgeous picture book that I recommend readers share at bedtime, in nursery or school, and alone. Every read brings another un-carroty sparkling delight!

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Be More Bernard

Simon Philip & Kate Hindley

(Simon & Schuster)

Bernard says he dreams of carrots. He digs holes in grass and burrows. Furthermore he hops when everyone else does, and jumps at the right time too. However, Bernard has unusual dreams. He’s lying to Rabbitkind. Bernard longs for more than carrots and lettuce, hopping and skipping and being the same as everyone else. What will happen should Bernard break out?
Can Bernard ‘Be More Bernard’? For the reason that he’d be all alone and singled out and ridiculed holds back until Bertie and Brenda’s Annual Bunny Ball. Can Bernard dare to move differently, eat differently, look different and ‘Be More Bernard’? What might result?


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