Be My Sunflower


Vernon is more aware of dangers than most. There’s birds, storms and slugs, for starters. It means that Vernon’s very cautious. Then again, what if Vernon has a chance to bloom? It seems that when Miss Okoro gives Carla the little sunflower seed, she’s captivated. She loves her little seed’s stripes, for example, and urges, ‘Be My Sunflower‘.

However, will Vernon take the leap to peep beyond the pot rim? He’s entranced by the glittering stars in the night sky. Then again, it seems that Gloria, Bernice and Mel are already sprouting leaves. If he was just to peep…..

Bookwagon loves and recommends Be My Sunflower. What an inspiring and beautiful picture book of hope, chance, love and encouragement,. We suggest that this picture book is ideal for sharing in assemblies, reading aloud sessions and bedtime. It is beautiful and so encouraging.

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Be My Sunflower

A story about having the courage to blossom

Kathryn Simmonds and Rosalind Beardshaw

(Walker Books)

Carla loves the little seed that Miss Okoro gives her. She whispers, ‘Be My Sunflower‘. Vernon feels safe with Carla. However, Vernon’s cautious. He knows ‘about slugs. And birds. And thunderstorms. The world is scary‘. Therefore, will he take the leap and be encouraged by Carla? Might he show himself above his cosy home?
Vernon feels ‘snug and safe‘ with Carla. She waters him, while the sun warms him. Then again, while Mel, Bernice and Gloria sprout leaves and peep above the pot line, Vernon’s anxious. While the night might be starry and gloriousl, there are always slugs. What’s more… there could be greater dangers. Then again, could Carla’s devotion to her little seed extend beyond the pot? In fact, might  Vernon be given a second chance?
Kathryn Simmonds and Rosalind Beardshaw, whom we know for works including 1, 2, 3, Do the Dinosaur, present such a moving story of courage, love and encouragement. Each of us anticipates setbacks, as Vernon does. However, shouldn’t we  take up opportunities? Jump? Head toward the sun and stars and a welcome like Carla’s? Bookwagon loves and recommends Be My Sunflower for reading aloud, loving, knowing and sharing.


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