Bear and Bird: The Picnic and Other Stories


Bear and Bird are the best of friends. At times, Bear’s not the brightest spark, such as when he thinks he’s holding a conversation with a flower. He tells it all about his best friend Bird who seems to have disappeared, maybe fallen, somewhere? Then again, Bear isn’t truthful when it comes to taking a picnic. He doesn’t have a picnic or deckchairs organised. Can he somehow distract Bird into alternative foods and seating?

What about painting? It’s Bird who suggests this pastime, but somehow, it seems it’s Bear’s forté. How will Bird feel when Bear garners praise from all the woodland creatures? Then again, how will she feel when Bear declines her invitation to watch the sunset or crumble? What’s going on? Who is Suzie Woozie?

Bookwagon delights in Jarvis’s glorious early chapter book for newer readers. This title is reminiscent of the Gecko Press titles that we love. Not only is it a story of a friendship, but then it demonstrates different characteristics and the rubs and chaff of getting along too. In fact, Bookwagon suggests that Bear and Bird: The Picnic and Other Stories is an ideal choice to read aloud, read alone, have at home and school, too.

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Bear and Bird: The Picnic and Other Stories


(Walker Books)

Jarvis is one of Bookwagon‘s favourite writer- illustrators. We began our bookstore with his Alan’s Big Scary Teeth. Therefore, to welcome a chapter book for newer readers is a delight. What’s more, Bear and Bird: The Picnic and Other Stories is a laugh out loud delight. These are stories of friends, that remind us of Goodnight Already!, for example.
The opening story offers some confusion with Bird’s disappearance. In seeking her, Bear’s drawn into a conversation with a flower. However, could this hold the clue as to Bird’s whereabouts? Then there’s a picnic to look forward to. However, are Bear’s preparations up to Bear’s expectations? Then again, what about painting? Might this be an exercise that Bear’s skills shine? How will it make his friend feel? We realise her sensitivities here, and then again, when it seems Bear’s taken up with a new friend. Who is ‘Suzie Woozie‘? Might Bird’s special role be under threat?
Bookwagon loves and recommends this gorgeous title for reading aloud, getting to know well and then enjoying thoroughly. Bear and Bird: The Picnic and Other Stories is a highly recommended selection for readers choosing first chapter books.


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