Bear and Bird: The Stars and Other Stories


It seems The Spoon caused the disagreement between Bear and Bird that led to them not speaking. However each needs a new best friend to cloud gaze with. Could it be that they might find another through writing a letter of introduction? Thereafter, what about meeting at Badger’s Café? It seems they’re each in for a bit of a shock!

Bear’s horrified to discover he’s eaten a whole cake. What might he do to make the situation better? What about baking a cake that everyone might like. If he included a favourite food from each of his forest friends, surely the result would be….  Then again, could there be anyone who’d eat it?

How far would Bird go to obey an instruction from Bear? Out to sea? Furtherrmroe, when is a Rock not a Rock? Bird is in a bit of a pickle when his agreement to stay aboard a Rock leads him into a very precarious situation!

Bookwagon recommends Bear and Bird: The Stars and Other Stories to all readers building stamina, confidence and reading joy. Not only are the three chapter stories within this wonderful book truly satisfying, but the illustrations amuse and delight. We are so happy to welcome Bear and Bird: The Stars and Other Stories, aboard.

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Bear and Bird: The Stars and Other Stories


(Walker Books)

It seems The Spoon caused a disagreement between Bear and Bird. Although they cannot remember what it’s about, neither friend will back down, so it means they’re in need of new friends. Could writing letters in search of new friends help? Then again, what about arranging a meeting at Badger’s Café? Yet what might occur when they see each other and realise the truth about their ‘new friends’?
Then again, Bear’s greed might lead to him eating an entire cake? Thereafter, could it be that in trying to create a cake that suits everybody, he makes one that is certainly inedible. After all, Bear’s never baked before, and fish and banana are not ingredients anyone would choose to eat together, would they?
Then again, what about The Rock that Bird’s sitting on determinedly, following Bear’s directions? Although it seems that this Rock’s inclined to move, Bird’s not going to disobey instructions, even if it means heading out to sea…
Bookwagon adores the writing and picture books of Jarvis. From his The Boy With Flowers in His Hair to this delightful series, we are always inspired, engaged and delighted. Bookwagon welcomes this second early story book of Bear and Bird that follows our introduction, The Picnic and Other Stories. Thereafter we recommend Bear and Bird: The Stars and Other Stories to all readers gaining confidence, who seek to become engrossed in truly wonderful stories.


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