Bear and Wolf


Amongst the trees, Bear and Wolf discover each other. Cautiously, they enquire as to the other’s purpose. Each is smelling the winter, feeling the cold, relishing the quiet. Together they create an experience neither will ever forget. Although each is out to feel the winter chill on their paws, to sense it with their noses, they find something else. It seems to be a stolen moment. In fact, we feel the lull.

Thereafter, there’s a sense that this might be the perfect moment ahead of hibernation, a time to withdraw from winter. However, what about the next year? Will they recall the other?

Daniel Salmieri’s narrative is tight, tense and knowing. Then again, the way he’s able to make readers aware of the pace and portent of this captured moment is astounding. Bookwagon loves and recommends Bear and Wolf, a truly special picture book.

Kirkus Starred Picture Book


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Bear and Wolf

Daniel Salmieri

(Enchanted Lion Books)

In the deep snow of winter, a young Bear and Wolf encounter each other. Suspiciously they enquire of each other’s purpose. It seems each is ‘out for a walk to feel the cold-, to listen to the crunching of the snow’ . However, when they sight each other, they note the other’s eyes, snout and fur. Although they are both out to experience the wonder of the winter, the silence, the sounds, each is aware of danger. What’s more, we’re made aware of this through the repeated double pages. In fact, we see the first view, ahead of realising what the animals see.
It seems they smell the bark and hear the forest sounds. They watch the snowflake patterns. They know bird is watching their progress. Thereafter, each animal compares the frozen lake of winter to the grass edge of summer time. Is it time to depart for hibernation, and to join the pack?
Time passes and their lives are caught up by seasons and routine. Will they remember each other and their magical encounter when they meet again?
Daniel Salmieri makes broad strokes in colouring pencil,  within a sparse, weighted text. Altogether, it makes Bear and Wolf‘ a significant addition to our picture book library. This is a mighty, meaningful, aching and respectful acknowledgement of our winter wilderness. Bear and Wolf is a truly exceptional picture book.



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