Bears Love Squares


Few writers are as skilled at rhyme as Caryl Hart. Thereafter, few are as amusing and varied in their subject and approach! Bookwagon loves her collaborations with Edward Underwood that have resulted in Big Box Little Box and One Shoe Two Shoes. We’re delighted that they’ve returned with a fresh contemplation. What should Raccoon do, when Bear insists that Bears Love Squares. It’s true that squares are nice and even, with corners ‘just so‘ and a certain predictability. However, what about the possibilities of a triangle, Or maybe a pentagon or hexagon? Thereafter, what about a star shape! It seems that Bear will not budge. Will Raccoon give up or might there be ‘something in the box‘ that is just right for Bear?

Edward Underwood’s pictures are broad-swept and inclusive. We feel as though we’re watching the drama of Raccoon’s entreaty unfold. We love the strong colours and crisp edges and framing. Then there’s the expertise of Caryl Hart’s informative, witty rhyme. What great storytelling! Bookwagon recommends Bears Love Squares highly to our youngest readers.

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Bears Love Squares

Caryl Hart and Edward Underwood


Bears Love Squares although there are different shapes ‘all around us.‘ It seems they like the way ‘squares are always just the same any way they go.’ However, if you give rectangles ‘a little squeeze‘ they might appear like squares. Couldn’t they? What about tremendous, flipping triangles? They have mountainous sides, it seems! Or perhaps, sensational circles that offer friendly, ball-shaped fun? Could it be that Bear might prefer a pentagon or a hexagon or even a star shape! It seems that Raccoon is desperate. Is it possible that there’s any shape that might tempt Bear away from Squares?/
 Caryl Hart and Edward Underwood follow up their superb Big Box Little Box and One Shoe Two Shoes with this brilliant, rhyming, expressive and imaginative picture book. Can Bear be persuaded toward a new shape, or is it the case that Bears Love Squares, exclusively?


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