Beast Feast


Beast has caught Dinner! He’s so convinced that Dinner will be tasty that he invites his monster friends to a ‘Beast Feast‘. Beast is determined to make this a feast to remember through looking after each individual taste! What can Dinner do to ‘help’? Sir Gutguzzler enquires after a fattening dinner. Dinner suggests some ‘DELICIOUS CHOCOLATE CAKE [to make him] FAR plumper!‘ Beast has never eaten chocolate cake… he finds it ‘VERY TASTY indeed!’

What about Madame Gargoyle’s memories of a salty, seaside lunch? Could Dinner’s suggestion of a ‘swim in the sea‘ ensure a salty coating AND a ‘WONDERFUL DAY!’ 

Giant Grumbo requests ‘extra muddy and slimy‘ so Dinner plans a SWAMP visit. As Dinner’s ‘ideas [have] been VERY GOOD so far….’

Alongside such a witty, creative, entrancing text, Emma Yarlett has really enticing pictures. We are in on Dinner’s plans. Thereafter, we’re party to the replies that Beast receives, with letters to open and enjoy. How will ‘Beast Feast’ be celebrated?  Well… it’s a WONDERFUL feast to remember!

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Beast Feast

Emma Yarlett

(Walker Books)– hardback

‘Beast Feast‘ thinks the Beast, for he has caught Dinner. Dinner looks very tasty although he denies this. However Beast invites his beastly friends to his memorable banquet. Dinner is worried but arrives at a plan to make sure he is ‘extra tasty’ for the feast. Chocolate cake turns out to be ‘VERY TASTY indeed!’ Sir Gutguzzler would love a fattened Dinner!
What might Dinner suggest so that he is extra salty? Could a ‘WONDERful DAY’ swimming in the sea make Dinner ‘SALTY enough for Madame Gargoyle‘? Thereafter, could an ‘EXTRA fun‘ visit to the swamp ensure Dinner is SLIMY enough for Giant Grumbo? What might Hairy Fairy demand of the Beast? Could building SNOW MONSTERS with Dinner prove a smart move? What about when the guests arrive and expect a  delectable ‘Beast Feast’?
Emma Yarlett delighted Bookwagon readers with Dragon Post. We are so very happy to welcome this witty, entrancing, grin inducing picture book aboard!


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