Michelle Robinson was an A-grade student who travelled outside of her humble Southside Chicago streets to attend school. Thereafter, she was accepted to Princeton, a lone, black female scholar, before taking up a place at Harvard Law School. Her career was stellar so that she was taking on protegé lawyers to train, who were older than her. One of them was Barack Obama.

Becoming is Michelle Obama’s story, from her home life with her parents and beloved older brother, Craig, to meeting A-listers and travelling the world. However, despite the gowns and pomp and ceremony, her focus has been on the importance of education for all. Thereafter, this edited version of the acclaimed adult version, offers direction to younger people. What’s more it directs questions to readers such as to consider what each wants to be, and how this might be possible. She suggests that nobody is perfect, that the journey toward Becoming is the driver that urges us on. Bookwagon recommends Becoming to older readers as an inspiring, thought-provoking and courageous story of an outstanding life.



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Adapted for Younger Reads

Michelle Obama

(Penguin Random House)– hardback

While we know Michelle Obama as the former FLOTUS (First Lady of the United States), Becoming is her story. It seems she is more than the former consort to the most important leader in the world. For example, Michelle Obama was a high-powered Chicago lawyer who trained a young Barack Obama. What’s more, she attended Princeton as a lone black woman, before acceptance for Harvard Law School. However, her story begins in  the humble streets of Southside Chicago, where education was the tool that enabled her to excel.
Thereafter, as First Lady, she took her experience of education as a mantra to share in her public life, including in her visit to London:- Michelle Obama video calls Elizabeth Garrett Anderson School and Mulberry School for Girls. 
Becoming shares Michelle Obama’s journey through school, family life and then her career. Thereafter, we learn what it was like to meet world leaders, face national emergencies such as Sandy Hook, alongside raising a family in a public eye. Furthermore, it offers her suggestions and considerations of how to achieve in life. It seems that this most popular and esteemed woman is determined to raise the aims and ambitions of every young reader. Thereafter, he book, like Standing On Her Shoulders is a brave, breath-taking and refreshing account of tenacity, courage and love.


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