Beetle Boy


Keen gardening has rid me of my squirminess around insects, but Darkus’s entomological researcher father has taught him well. He realises that the determined appearance of a rare beetle is somehow linked to his father’s unexplained disappearance, the apprehension he feels at the sunglasses hidden, black leg clicking socialite Lucretia Cutler.

Beetle Boy is an intriguing, freaky and fascinating read! It includes a fabulous laugh-out-loud sequence, reminiscent of ‘Home Alone’ as an extra treat. Beetle Boy is gripping fun for confident, curious readers.

Then again, from one of Bookwagon’s readers:- Beetle Boy is a fun book filled with curiosity and excitement.
It is about a little boy who loses his dad and discovers the power of beetles and what they can do. It all starts when the young boy Darkus, finds out his dad goes missing and he has to go and stay with his dad’s brother, Uncle Max.
Darkus finds out his dad loves beetles and once he visits the room his dad disappeared in, he thinks there might be a connection with the beetles and his dad’s disappearance…
As the plot developed I enjoyed it more and more.
Read Beetle Boy and find out what happens to Darkus and his dad.
By Sahaana

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Beetle Boy

M.G. Leonard

(Chicken House)

Beetle Boy is a wonderful book, filled with curiosity and excitement. Although Darkus has lost his dad he discovers the power of beetles and all that they can do. It seems that one particular specimen is keen to help Darkus in his search for his father. Somehow it suggests that danger is afoot. Then again, all evidence suggests Bartie’s unexplained absence has something to do with Lucretia Cutter. What would she want with Darkus’ father? Then again, what might she want with his Uncle Max? Furthermore, what is Uncle Max hiding?
New friends and a mysterious uncle help Darkus uncover his scientist father’s whereabouts.  Furthermore, Darkus learns the potential danger of his father’s latest research. Then again Darkus’ connections to the villainous Lucretia Cutter seem dark and deep? What’s more, what is the story with her daughter, Novak? It seems there is something hidden and mysterious in her character. Altogether, we feel such hesitation on our part for Darkus to step closer to Lucretia’s web…
Beetle Boy introduces us to M.G. Leonard  and thereafter, her outstanding debut series. Bookwagon recommends this story highly, and looks forward to the second instalment, Beetle Queen. It seems time to polish up our knowledge and appreciation of the family coleoptera! 


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