Beetle Queen


Darkus, Virginia, Bertolt and Uncle Max return to take on the would-be crazed omnipotence of Lucretia Cutter. We learn her history, including her entomological research with Darkus’ parents, her plans for her future, including those for sacrificial Novak. Will the children reach Los Angeles to disable Lucretia’s big revelation at the film awards? Will Motty’s prehistoric plane make it? Will film stars Ruby Hisolo Jnr and Stella Manning realise just why Lucretia Cutter wants to design their film award gowns urgently, and why their dresses are so ‘special.’ Will Baxter, Newton and Marvin survive the Greenland temperatures and a deadly film award beetle and bird attack? What horrors does the Amazon Biome hold? Is Darkus’ father to be trusted? How can the children foil Lucretia’s plans?

With the cinematic pratfalls of Humphrey and Pickering to lighten the drama and clear environmental theme, Beetle Queen, sequel to ‘Beetle Boy‘ is a well-planned, carefully executed, pacy and exciting story. I enjoyed it very much and can’t wait for the concluding book, ‘The Battle of the Beetles.’  This is great storytelling for keen, engaged, demanding readers.

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Beetle Queen

M.G. Leonard

(Chicken House)

Beetle Queen is Lucretia Cutler with dark plans beyond our imagining. Darkus, his father, Uncle Markus, Virginia and Bertolt are out to thwart her ambitions before it’s too late. They’re aware of her danger after tapping into her cruel net exposed in Beetle Boy. However, do they know who they are up against? Furthermore, are they aware of her intentions for her own daughter? Thereafter, are they aware of how this daughter is created and being slowly destroyed? It seems that Lucretia Cutler is omnipotent, yet wants more….
Although her henchmen, Humphrey and Pickering are now released, they are bumbling and uncertain. Yet Lucretia Cutler is another matter, and what’s more Darkus’ father has forbidden him from having anything to do with her… Yet what of his own plans with her, and how is he involved? It seems there are further secrets to uncover, including a particularly grisly matter that will shock Darkus to the core. Then again, it might be that he needs to know as much as he can before it’s left to him to find and face her ultimate ambition.
Once again, we are gripped by Darkus’ dilemma in this thriving series by M.G. Leonard. Bookwagon loves and recommends this absorbing series for courageous, mature middle grade readers, and looks forward to the final title in the trilogy!


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