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Every time/ their voices slam/ and scream/ mean words// they hurt a part of who I am’ explains Liz Brownlee in Arguing, a contribution to the outstanding Being Me: Poems About Thoughts, Worries and Feelings. Then again, she suggests that we should ‘shout’ our worries ‘to the ocean/ sigh them to the moon/ sing them to the sun…. post them in a box/ solve them one by one’. 

Laura Mucha, meanwhile, suggests that if she was an Albatross, she would let her ‘worries slip from the tips of [her] wings/ leave [her] loneliness to to slide from the curve of [her] beak/ and wonder at the wild water below’. 

Then again, Matt Goodfellow lost his worries ‘just for a moment‘ when ‘the whole world was//perfect’ when he reached ‘the top/ of the very big hill‘ where ‘cloud covered valleys held everything still’. 

There is such empathy, warmth, insight, conviction and strength in these wonderful poems. Bookwagon loves and recommends Being Me: Poems About Thoughts, Worries and Feelings. 

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Being Me: Poems About Thoughts, Worries and Feelings

LIz Brownlee, Matt Goodfellow and Laura Mucha

With illustrations by Victoria Jane Wheeler

(Otter-Barry Books)

What power our Thought Machine has over us. It can tell us ‘YOU”RE DOING GREAT‘. However, ‘sometimes it makes thoughts like- HOW EMBARRASSING-‘ This poem by Laura Mucha, opens Being Me: Poems About Thoughts, Worries and Feelings. Then again, this poet promises us ‘the crackly branches of the tree,/ the golden dies, the purring cat,/ the piercing eyes, the feathered hat’ that awaits us when we leave The Land of Blue.
Meanwhile, Matt Goodfellow inspires us through poetry such as One of These Days, whereby he promises ‘at night on the treacly tide/ white lights of freedom call me to dive/ into black water to she this old skin’. His poems bite. For example, Shame, where he describes leaving ‘that ice-silent night’ where he watches his ‘mum become: a hatcher of plans/ weaver of lies/ hider of footprints/ master of spies….’ 
Liz Brownlee who contributed poems to The Same Inside presents works such as The Quiet Child, who notices ‘each thing while I walk‘ while being ‘the voice that questions/ the accepted answers they gave’. 
Altogether it seems that these poets, who are at the top of the game, offer works that recognises, identify and describe our inner lives. There is such compassion, insight and understanding that we revel in the knowledge and empathy. Bookwagon recommends Being Me: Poems About Thoughts, Worries and Feelings highly, for poems to be read aloud, shared, read alone, and known.


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