Bekah and the Moon


Bekah learns that Luna’s with her all the time, even when it ‘seems‘ that she’s not. In fact, she’s left Bekah a song to reassure her, ‘Luna’s here, there’s no need to fear‘. What’s more, when Bekah loses heart, Luna appears anew. She takes Bekah across the seas and then creates a total eclipse! Bekah’s special friend is magical.

Although only Mama believes in Luna, Bekah knows that Luna appears to her because she needs her. Then again, will her song, her reassurance that she’s there even when the light is scarce, be enough? That the shadows across Bekah’s bedroom might lose their potential to scare her?

Bookwagon loves Bekah and the Moon. What a calming, beautiful picture book to share often, know and love.

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Bekah and the Moon

Tolá Okogwu and Abeeha Tariq

(Simon & Schuster)

When the creeping shadows crowd- in too tightly, Luna’ appears, shining ‘down silvery rays of starlight and moondust‘. It means that the shadows across Bekah’s walls change into ‘beautiful shapes‘. Thereafter, as Bekah’s eyes close and she falls asleep, she hears the refrain, ‘Luna’s here, there’s no need to fear‘. It seems only Mama believes in Bekah’s special friend. Bekah’s consoled by the fact that maybe others don’t need Luna in their lives.
However, what about the nights when Luna’s visits are limited, or her moon-ish glow is slight? Then again, might these mean that Bekah’s inclined to cast off Luna’s presence? Yet how will she sleep when the room shadows creep? Could it be that that Luna’s there all the time, even on nights when she’s less visible? That she’ll always be Bekah’s friend? That Bekah’s reassured by this anew? How might Luna prove her constancy? Maybe through a magical journey across sea and sky?
We know Tolá Okogwu for her superb Onyeka and the Academy of the Sun series, alongside her Daddy Do My Hair picture books. Bekah and the Moon is a beautiful, reassuring picture book ideal for bedtime reading. In fact, we suggest that this book is destined to become a favourite at nighttime, one in which Luna’s refrain might be known and sung. Bookwagon loves and recommends Bekah and the Moon.


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