Beti and the Little Round House


Beti loves the little round house that Mama and Tad built. It is in such a ‘sunny spot’, while the house has ‘thick earth walls that keep it warm and cosy’. What’s more ‘tree turunks hold up the grassy roof’. In fact, it’s a house ‘made of trees, and grass, and earth. Just like the woods.’ 

It means that Beti collects water in the water jug and knows the seasonal changes through signs in the woods. It means that she and Mam collect berries for pies, alongside herbs and flowers for eating. They keep chickens, while there are horses in the field. Then again, there’s Goat and Naughty, the little goat that Beti told to ‘go away‘ originally, though he’s now her ‘shadow’.

Through the seasons, across a year, from dawn to dark, we experience life in the little round house with Beti and her family. Bookwagon adores this beautiful illustrated chapter book. In fact, we suggest that Beti and the Little Round House is a wonderful gift, a story to share, a family and setting to know and linger upon.

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Beti and the Little Round House

Atinuke, illustrated by Emily Hughes

(Walker Books)

Beti and the Little Round House can be found ‘in the green woods under the mountains’ alongside ‘Mam and Tad and baby Jac‘. In fact you might find Goat and Naughty too, though when they arrive on Beti’s birthday, they’re not welcome. It seems the milk’s not welcome. Nor is Naughty’s unending appetite. However, might this situation change?
Then again, what about helping busy Tad with filling the water jug at the waterfall? Could it be that fairies could lend a hand? Furthermore, what about a storm dragon, fierce and teasing, that shakes their little home? Who might come to the rescue? We travel through the seasons, from dawn and dark, watching the changes, absorbed by this special place, Beti’s home.
Atinuke’s beautiful storybook, illustrated by the remarkable Emily Hughes is inspired by her own Welsh roundhouse life. Like Cress Watercress, Beti and the Little Round House is an outstanding book to read aloud, share and gift. This is warm, funny, richly moving and glorious. Bookwagon loves the family relationship shown, the neighbourhood, the signs of nature, from the berries to the weather. In fact, we suggest that this is a perfect book for gifting and loving well.


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