Between Tick and Tock


The city shouts, ‘Hurry,! Can’t stop! No time!’  It is grey with anxiety, pressure and pace. Life is lonely, and isolating. From on high, only Leisel can see what is happening below. Can she make a difference? Maybe if she stepped into the clock, ‘Between Tick and Tock‘ and stopped the hands? Just for a moment? What would happen? Could the colour return, the companionship? The empathy?

With text is lush with poetry and  onomatopoeia, Louise Greig creates something exceptional and heartening. Ashling Lindsay’s illustrations come alight as the colour, perspective and framing grow to unite and enliven.

Between Tick and Tock‘ is a unique picture book, ideal for sharing and likely to be cherished.

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Between Tick and Tock

Louise Greig and Ashling LIndsay


The streets sees only Grey. The people are lost, lonely, empty. All is in a rush and a swirl. What if, just for one moment, ‘Between Tick and Tock’, there was a lull? A pause? A moment to look out and see the colour? To reacquaint the lost, fill the void and find the company? Maybe it’s something Liesel can do?


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