Beverly, Right Here


Beverly stares at the words scratched on the glass of the telephone box- ‘in a crooked little house/ by the crooked little sea‘… Beverly has left home. Who is there for Beverly now that Buddy has died? She and Raymie Nightingale buried Buddy under the orange trees in the backyard. Buddy was ‘the Dog of Our Hearts‘ according to Louisiana Elefante. Beverly doesn’t know how she’s going to live without Buddy.

For now, she’s in the outskirts of Tamaray Beach. She’s living in Iola’s house, sharing tuna melt sandwiches, going to bingo and watching the swinging tail of Iola’s cat, Nod. Wynken, Blynken and Nod…

When Beverly works at the fish restaurant, she feels nothing. She doesn’t hear the advice given by former Miss Darlene, Freddie. She finds a photograph of Mr Denby’s family at Christmas, smiling gap-teethed smiles. It makes her think about her family, her absent father and drinking mother. Who is there for Beverly?

‘Beverly, Right Here‘ is the third book of Kate DiCamillo’s Florida trilogy that begins with ‘Raymie Nightingale’ and continues with Louisiana’s Way Home. Kate DiCamillo makes us smell the tuna melt, feel the heat of the sand beneath Beverly’s feet without their flip-flops, and realise the tightness of Elmer’s acne attacked skin. Does he feel it? Beverly wonders. We wait for Beverly to feel it, holding back our own tears. We realise the love and concern for Beverly, from Iola to Doris, from Elmer to Raymie. For we feel that love as we travel the steps with the outstanding, ‘Beverly, Right Here’. 


Beverly, Right Here

Kate DiCamillo

(Walker Books)– hardback

‘Beverly, Right Here‘ steps away from home, from Buddy’s grave, out onto the Palmetto Lane. She takes a lift in her cousin’s red Camaro all the way to the outskirts of Tamaray Beach where he lets her out. At fourteen she is alone; she is ‘Beverly, Right Here’.  But who is she? Who does she have without Buddy?
There’s Raymie Nightingale whom Beverly intends to write. She and Raymie tried to find Louisiana- Louisiana’s Way Home-, the other member of their Florida baton twirling friendship group. Yet there was no trace. Who else is there for Beverly? Who misses her and cares?
Miss Iola sees Beverly from her porch. She invites her in for a tuna melt sandwich. Somehow, despite the fact Beverly doesn’t like fish, she ends up sharing a tuna melt sandwich and taking up a job at a fish restaurant. Beverly’s urged to make sure she takes her fair share of tips from Freddie, the restaurant waitress. Yet Freddie is more inclined to give Beverly advice about her future career. Beverly is fourteen. Right now she’s not thinking about the future for she’s trying not to think about Buddy and who cares for her. Who will look out for ‘Beverly, Right Here’? 


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