Beyond the Bright Sea


For as long as she can remember, Crow has lived on Cuttyhunk Island with Osh, who has taken his leave from civization, and Miss Maggie, a reclusive farming neighbour. Their needs and pleasures are small but real.

As the years pass, Crow begins to question her origins, wanting to know more about the skiff in which she was found as a newborn baby, the water damaged note attached to her, why other Elizabeth Islanders shun her. When her questions become a search, she unpicks a welterweight of answers and dangers.

‘Beyond the Bright Sea’ reminds me of ‘The Island of the Blue Dolphins‘ in its setting and the fierce capability of our heroine, Crow. It is told sparsely and meaningfully. It leaves a real imprint on its reader, rather like Crow’s feather imprint, gentle but evident. Lauren Wolk has created another superb book for confident readers, who need to read, be informed and delighted by wonderful books like ‘Beyond the Bright Sea’.


Beyond the Bright Sea

Lauren Wolk

Random House Children’s

Beyond the Bright Sea‘ is Cuttyhunk Island where Crow has lived with Osh for as long as she can remember. Yet, now their lives are threatened, while Crow seeks to understand her origins.


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