Beyond the Fence


When Thomas’s cousin comes to stay, Piggy meets Wild Pig. Thomas knows exactly what Piggy needs. From conversation, to games to clothing, Thomas decides for Piggy. When Wild Pig returns and invites Piggy to run with him. Piggy explains how he is forbidden to run. He is forbidden from going ‘Beyond the Fence’. 

From the white spaces highlighting Piggy’s emptiness, to the heavily coloured claustrophobic interiors of his home, Maria Gulemetova offers a story pulsating with meaning. ‘Beyond the Fence‘ is a subtle allegory with a punch-packed climax.

‘Beyond the Fence‘ is an outstanding picture book, a metaphor for life. It is ripe for examining in philosophical discussion or at bedtime. This is a superb story, recommended to readers of all ages.


Beyond the Fence

Maria Gulemetova

(Child’s Play)

‘Beyond the Fence’ lives Wild Pig. He can run and doesn’t have to wear clothes. Piggy wears clothes. Thomas knows what Piggy needs from the games they should play to their conversation. When Thomas’s cousin comes to play, Piggy meets Wild Pig. He learns what lies ‘Beyond the Fence’. 

Nominated for the Kate Greenaway Award


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