Bibbit Jumps


It’s when Bibbit is sailing through the air en route to rescuing the attempted tadpole pyramid, that he realises he can no longer swim. Though the tadpoles remind him of the moves, ‘pull with your hands, kick with your legs‘, it doesn’t feel quite right. However, when Bibbit Jumps, well…. There’s the thrill of the ‘air on his face’. Thereafter, there’s the opportunity to ‘reach for delicious bananas‘. Could Bibbt go higher?

When his sister Little Frog emerges from the water, it seems the sky’s the limit. She encourages his aspiration. However, Bibbit is a frog made of more than one part. It seems he has green fingers that can grow starry plants for Rabbit’s birthday. Furthermore, he’s able to bite off the most from a ‘very special apple, very sweet and very big‘ that the frogs feast upon. Could it be this determination, shared with Little Frog, will see them reach rainbows, tall buildings, the city limits?

Bibbit Jumps is a charming, beautifully imagined and realised chapter book of stories perfect for newer readers. The tone is magical, inviting and warm. Bookwagon loves this title.


Bibbit Jumps

Bei Lynn, translated by Helen Wang

(Gecko Press)

Bibbit Jumps yet he cannot remember how to swim. It seems that when he tumbles into the pond to rescue the tadpole pyramid all his actions work wrongly. It ends up that Bibbit needs rescuing by the tadpoles! However his wish to recapture his memory of swimming prompts him to climb a tree and leap. Though he wiggles and flaps and calls, ‘Watch me! I’m amazing!’ there’s an unexpected outcome. Suddenly, jumping is like breathing to Bibbit. He loves ‘the rush of air on his face’. It’s ‘thrilling’. He longs to touch rainbows or leap tall buildings.
As this chapter book continues we see Little Frog emerge from her tadpole status and join Bibbit to celebrate her birthday. This involves a challenge quest of jumping from bananas to berries. Every experience is a greater stretch and victory!
Bibbit Jumps is a delightful early chapter book experience. The stories are fascinating, tangible in their descriptiveness and Bibbit’s innocence and excitement, and beautifully written. Like Zanzibar and Dear Professor Whale this book’s animal characters are empathetic and perfectly realised.


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