Bicycling to the Moon


Purdey uses Barker’s bone in a still life arrangement for his painting, Barker takes Winky Pig to a smoked fish tea when the other villagers are mocking her new necklace. While Barker works in the vegetable garden, Purdey practises shooting goal. While Purdey dreams of awakening to find he can fly, Barker works doggedly to construct canine wings so he can join his friend, in case that dream comes true.

Bicycling to the Moon‘ is a chapter book of incidental stories about Purdey, a cat, and Barker, a dog, who’ for the most part’-  ‘live peaceabley in their little house on a hill where the forest meets the sky.’ We compare their behaviour and relationships,  through a year in an idyllic Finnish landscape. It is incomparable, one of the finest books for newly confident readers that I have been lucky enough to find.

I will be recommending ‘Bicycling to the Moon‘ to our lucky readers until Barker collects the snowplough from Connie Quackstrom and Purdey wins the village singing competition.


Bicycling to the Moon

Timo Parvela, illustrated by Virpi Talvitie

(Gecko Press)

Bicycling to the Moon‘ is a whimsical, engaging, outstanding chapter book that all readers  would adore. Join Purdey and Barkus on a year in the countryside. Wonder, enjoy and love this wonderful book.


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