Big Cat


‘Big Cat’ turns up when everyone is in the backyard on the hunt for Grandma’s glasses. Grandma decides this is the cutest, prettiest, most handsome cat she has ever seen!

The neighbours aren’t sure about any of Grandma’s cats, but this one takes the (cat) biscuit! Grandma’s other cats aren’t too sure about him either. Although ‘Big Cat’ is more practical when it comes to daily chores, cat AND human food are disappearing! What IS going on?

It takes unexpected callers to put the matter right. ‘Big Cat’ is…

‘Big Cat’ is a very funny, adventurous and inventive story. The pictures are rich, warm and inviting. The language is illustrative and generous. I love this picture book.



Big Cat

Emma Lazell

(Pavilion Books)

‘Big Cat‘ turns up when the family is searching for Grandma’s glasses. It’s not Ruby or Gertrude, Twinklywhiskers or Hufflystink. Who is it? It’s ‘Big Cat’! Grandma thinks that ‘Big Cat’ is the cutest, prettiest, most handsome cat! The neighbours aren’t so sure. Neither are the other cats. What happens when Grandma discovers her glasses?


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