Big Green Crocodile


‘Here comes the farmer,/ driving the tractor’, or ‘Clop,clop, clopppety clop,/ down the road and into the shop’…. What inviting introductions to rhymes to share and recite with your very young readers! What’s more there are suggestions to activities that might be undertaken during the rhyme too, from jogging on the lap, getting faster, clapping or making the animal sounds!

Furthermore, in Big Green Crocodile, we might choose ‘The Queen Comes to Tea’ with an invitation to make the queen’s crown with our hands and clap along too!

There’s even a Brontosaurus Ride, with ‘Bibb-ly bobb-ly, bibb-ly bobb-ly//- up and down.//- side to side.//- up to the TOP!’ How about riding on shoulders or jogging/ riding on a lap alongside sharing this rhyme?

Big, Green Crocodile is a perfectly formed, comprehensive, inclusive and wonderful book of activity rhymes for small readers. Jane Newberry has taken such time and care in her curation and execution. Thereafter, Carolina Rabei offers gentle, loving pictures that will entrance with every sharing. Bookwagon loves and recommends this beautiful book to our youngest readers and their families.

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Big Green Crocodile

Rhymes to Say and Play

Jane Newberry and Carolina Rabei


We begin reading Big Green Crocodile by sharing ‘Spots and Stripes‘ with ‘stripy tigers, stripy zebras‘ before ‘spotty dogs and spotty beetles’. Thereafter, we play ‘Let’s Play- Jungle!’ with movements for stripy and spotty, passing our ‘fingers in front of‘ for stripes, or up and down and moved about for spots!
There’s ‘Let’s Play-Camel‘ with jogging up and down for ‘My Camel’ and counting with ‘Five Buzzy Bees‘. Then again we’ve actions for ‘getting out of the bath’ with ‘Fish Tales’.
Carolina Rabei, illustrator of Let’s Get Ready for School excels with her warm, encouraging pictures that will delight very young readers. Thereafter, Jane Newbery’s verse and action directions to adult readers are superb. For example, we can imagine tapping the tree outdoors with a stick as we share ‘with my stick I tap the tree/ with a tap tap, tap tap, tap tap, tap’  Then again, we can imagine playing horses with our reader on a lap, as we share ‘Hungry Horse’!
Bookwagon loves Big Green Crocodile and recommends wholeheartedly as a gift and thereafter as an ideal book to share in families and with friends. It is an essential title for the newest readers.


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