Big Sky Mountain: The Forest Wolves


Rosa and Nan tempt the wolf cub from his hiding with a stick holding an apple dipped in honey. Although the rain is belting down, the pair know the cub is scared and lonely. However when they take it inside Nan’s cabin, Little Pig, the pygmy owl, protests angrily. Then again, it seems that the wolves about Big Sky Mountain are not popular neighbours. Mr Higgs in Dusty Woods blames them for the destruction of the trees. What is the real story?

Although Rosa longs to keep the wolf cub, she knows Nan is right to insist that they must find his pack. However, could it be the grey wolf pack? Then again, is Rosa brave enough to approach them to find out? What’s more, what happens if the cub is not one of their kind?

Bookwagon adores Alex Milway’s books, from theHotel Flamingo series, to this latest, the sequel to Big Sky Mountain. Once again, we’re deep in the wilderness, in the company of Nan and Rosa and their animal neighbours, loving their environment, attention and company. Big Sky Mountain: The Forest Wolves is a triumph that we recommend to newer chapter book readers, especially, or any discerning reader.

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Big Sky Mountain: The Forest Wolves

Alex Milway

(Piccadilly Press)

Big Sky Mountain: The Forest Wolves returns to Rosa and Nan and their cabin in the mountains. It seems that Rosa’s settled in well, although there’s some work to be done on building her a bedroom. However while Nan and Rosa plan to head to Mr Higgs to gather wood, disaster strikes! There’s a torrential downpour that sees the pair’s animal friends seeking shelter in the cabin. What’s more, Rosa catches a glimpse of a wolf cub. Is it possible that Nan and Rosa can lure him indoors to safety?
Then again, what is a wolf cub doing on its own? It seems Little Pig, the pygmy owl, is really put out! In fact as Nan and Rosa investigate further, including a trek to Mr HIggs’ Dusty Woods, it’s evident there are wolf problems. Could it be that a grey wolf pack is destroying the forest? Certainly, Mr Higgs and his family seem to suggest this. Then again, what might the wolf pack tell Rosa and Nan should they be brave enough to meet with them?
Big Sky Mountain: The Forest Wolves is the second title from the most recent series by Alex Milway, following the beloved Hotel Flamingo books. Bookwagon loves this latest edition. Once again, we’re treated to warmth, wit and wonder, with gorgeous illustrations and engaging storytelling. Bookwagon loves and recommends this book to our newer chapter book readers, especially.


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