Bigfoot Mountain


Connection with nature and respect for life in the wild is central to this story of love and healing. Twelve-year-old Minnie lives in remote North American mountains with her stepfather Dan. Since her mother passed away, life hasn’t been the same and she has been unable to shake-off the feeling of loss.  It is threatening to overwhelm her.

One day, she and her friend, Billy, discover four giant footprints. They can’t have been made by a human and they’re unlike any animal prints they’ve every seen. Could they have been made by a Sasquatch – the legendary Bigfoot who is said to roam the mountains?

Told from a dual point of view, Bigfoot Mountain examines the perspectives of a young girl trying to make sense of life and a group of magnificent creatures who find their ancient paths blocked by a development of cabins. As they struggle to understand each other, can they discover what it is that connects them all?

Bigfoot Mountain is superbly confident and engrossing debut novel and one very much to be recommended for middle grade readers.

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Bigfoot Mountain

Roderick O’Grady

(Firefly Press)

Minnie is alone, high up in her favourite tree.  She looks out over an area of her mountain where a devastating forest fire has ravaged the landscape. After Minnie’s mother has died, she and her stepfather Dan are trying to forge a relationship with each other, living in their small cabin at the foot of the mountain.
Later that same day, Minnie and her friend Billy discover four giant footprints on a mountain trail.  Dan is sceptical and says it’s a hoax. But Minnie is convinced it is evidence of the legendary and mythical Sasquatch, or Bigfoot.
Meanwhile, Kaayii is also sitting at the top a tree.  He is also watching the smoke from the raging forest fire.  The fire has forced him and his clan to move to the other side of the mountain. He has been observing the humans living in the cabins down by the water’s edge. Their parallel worlds are about to collide in a moving tale of grief and healing in a remote mountain landscape.
Bigfoot Mountain is the first novel from playwright Roderick O’Grady. It s moving, funny and exciting. The author skilfully presents two civilisations living beside each other and seemingly on collision course.  This is a wonderful debut.
The legendary (or mythical) Bigfoot also appears in ‘Bigfoot, Tobin and Me’, also available in the Bookwagon online book store.
Further information (and speculation) about the existence of Bigfoot can be viewed on this web site from Outside Online:- Most Convincing Bigfoot Sightings


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